Memorable Quotes

“As a former student of Jules Engel’s, I was elated to learn of Janeann Dill’s feature documentary film. Not only was Jules Engel a seminal figure in the history of animation, he also had a profound influence on countless generations of animators. He truly was the most influential artistic person in my life. I consider him my “Art Dad.” The work he produced both professionally
and personally was groundbreaking and is still cracking it as I write.

Jules always promoted the notion that animation could be a means of personal expression. Jules Engel’s films are true examples of the unlimited possibility that the art form of animation offers. Janeann Dill is the perfect director to document Jules Engel’s life and work. Her commitment and knowledge
of the material is unsurpassed. I’m certain she will produce
a compelling piece about a uniquely creative man.”
—Stephen Hillenburg, Creator/Executive Producer
“SpongeBob SquarePants,” Nickelodeon Animation Studio


“Jules opened up my eyes about the endless possibilities of
animation, and for that I will forever be grateful to him. This
documentary must be completed so that the rest of the world
can have a chance to be as profoundly affected as each of his
students were.  This is a true film ‘of consequence,’
using his own indelible phrase.”
                                                      — Mark Osborne, Two-time Academy Award Nominee                                  ‘The Little Prince‘ (Director) and ‘More’ (Producer-Director-Writer)
Guggenheim Foundation Fellow
“It is very emotional for me to see Jules on film, because it
transports me back to my beginnings as an animation filmmaker,
at Cal Arts. Jules made me realize that animation filmmaking was
the ultimate art form, the synthesis of all the arts. He also was such
a generous teacher, encouraging experimentation, and self-expression.
Bravo to Janeann for capturing him on film, so that Jules can be
brought to a wider audience.”      
— Joyce Borenstein, Academy Award® Nominee
‘My Father’s Colors’ (Director-Animator-Writer) National Film Board of Canada
“This is such a fantastic and deserving tribute to Jules, and you’re just
the one to do it, Janeann!  A long overdue project by one great filmmaker
about another.”
— Jon Stout, Co-Founder and General Manager, Free Speech TV
           Fellow, Rockefeller Foundation Next Generation Leadership Program
 Professional Freedom and Responsibility Award, Association of Education


“Jules was a wonderful teacher – inspiring and empowering!”
— Steven Subotnick, MacDowell Fellow
Independent Animation Artist and International Award Winner 
Critic, Rhode Island School of Design (Providence), Visiting Professor at Harvard University


“Jules’ comments on my work still echo in my mind after 30 years. 
I switched mediums from animation to stone sculpture a few years ago
and his words still apply.”
— Ellen Woodbury, Sculptor
Lead Animator, Walt Disney Productions (Lion King, “Zazu,” et. al.)


“My time at Cal Arts was a very exciting, magical era.  At the center of
this magic was Jules Engel. I will never forget when I first met him.  I had recently been somewhat traumatized by a former teacher who on viewing my storyboard (probably my first) was immediately very critical insofar as the story logic was concerned.  When I got to Cal Arts, I met Jules in the now legendary animation room, which was at the time much sparser.  He was standing behind a table, waiting to meet his mentees.  I immediately told him I was not interested in working with “story,” and he instantly reassured me in his gentlemanly way that nothing like this would be necessary.  From that moment on I found myself in the hands of a master teacher.  He never interfered. He always gave the artist their space.  Years later, I chatter and fuss and meddle with my students … am in awe of his spectacular self-control and power as a teacher.  A true zen,  he is an extraordinary ‘invisible’ teacher … very much like an extremely fine and subtle psychiatrist … you don’t know what’s being done to you at the time, but years later the words ring in your ears.  In fact, he very clearly predicted that I would be dancing with my films a good fifteen years before 
suddenly found myself doing it.”
— Kathy Rose, Animation Artist, Installation and Performance
Guggenheim Foundation Fellow in Performance Art,
National Endowment for the Arts and New York State Council for the Arts Fellow 
Master Lecturer, Media Arts Department, University of the Arts (Philadelphia)